Genome Center – What is a genome?


A national campaign on utilizing genomic data and the Genome Center in Finland

The starting point

Each person has a different genome. Genomic data provides answers to many questions related to illnesses. It helps to identify cancers, for example, and allows for more unique treatment to take place. 

The Genome Center planned for Finland will act as a genomic data expert to instruct and evaluate the responsible use of genomic data and gene tests. Legislation regulating the Genome Center is currently ongoing. As genomic data touches upon the whole population, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wanted, exceptionally, to communicate the subject already during the preparation stage of the Genome Act. 

The goal

The goal was to increase the population’s information of and interest towards genomic data as well as encourage people to take a stand of the preparation of the Act. The subject is challenging, as genomic research is a strange and even scary topic for many, with concerns over information security involved. 

The short campaign period and limited budget in relation to the entire population as a target audience also posed a challenge. 

Our approach

H+K Helsinki designed and executed the campaign combining modern science related to genomes with humane and touching patient stories.

Our work included

  • Campaign strategy and campaign overall design and media plan
  • Visual identity and symbol
  • Materials for the multichannel campaign

The aim was to have the visual identity and symbol of the Genome Center to communicate modern genetics research in a humane way. The visual identity was carried out with a 3D animation visualizing a human made up of genes. The messages included clear answers to some of the most common questions around the subject, such as “what is a genome?”.

Stories of real patients who have benefited from genomic research were highlighted in the campaign with touching short videos. By publishing native articles in reliable newspapers, the populations’ awareness of utilizing genomic data was also increased. The launch was supported by radio advertising and strong digital marketing, which were used to guide visitors to the campaign site to find more information and answers. 

The results

The campaign had excellent results. The campaign increased awareness of the Genome Center significantly (22% -> 72%). The right media choices resulted in wide coverage among the entire population – for example, the campaign videos were watched over 360,000 times, exceeding expectation several times over. 

The campaign achieved good media coverage among all age groups, and it spoke to both men and women. The native articles supporting the patient stories received above-average reviews and were considered to be informative, interesting and useful. The radio also clearly conveyed its message (81%) and was well-suited for this important subject. The advert stirred above-average interest towards the topic and an urge to visit the campaign site or discuss the subject. 

The campaign look and messages created a modern and humane brand image for the Genome Center and increased the urge for more information and take a stand. 

Sector: Health + Wellness, Government + Public Sector
Office: Helsinki