Insight + Creative Strategy


Our Insight experts help you leverage data and build insight based on brand, sector, cultural and human perspectives.

Insight is a great tool in today’s data-driven world, and it can relate to for example offering development, brand concepts, certain target groups or channels, as well as new markets. Different forms of research and service design are also useful in the formation of insight. With the help of perceptive insight, we can find ways for the customer to stand out and form the basis for a creative strategy.

Creative strategy is about choices that build your brand in the short and mid-term. It is the foundation for concepts, inspiring and moving stories, as well as engaging measures for different audiences. Creative strategy can be the key factor in convincing even the toughest crowd of experts. A unique creative strategy can even generate new ways to do business!

Sonja Vuorinen

Brand Strategist


H+K delivers deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of expertise. We understand our clients’ ecosystem and how to engage their audiences.
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Behind all of our insight-led ideas and communication strategies is a deep understanding of data and analytics, creativity, innovation and master storytelling.
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